Vintage Style Notebook Diary with Replaceable

Colors: Red
Size: Large 165x235mm
Sale price$20.99


Vintage Style notebook is made polyurethane leather, it's elegant design and with replaceable paper makes it the ideal traveler's journal

  • Available in 5 elegant colour options
  • 3 different size options to choose from
  • Made of durable PU leather
  • 75 sheets included with notebook with extra paper available to purchase

Pages: ~75 Sheets

Large Cover Size: About 16.5x23.5cm
Medium Cover Size: About 13.0x18.5cm
Small Cover Size: About 10.5x14.5cm

Large Pages Size: About 14.5x20.8cm
Medium Pages Size: About 10.5x17.5cm
Small Pages Size: About 8.0x12.5cm

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