Golden Cake Board (3 Shapes)


Size: Circle 5.9"
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Golden Cake Board
Help your cakes to always look their best with gold cake board. Available in circle, square or rectangular shapes. The gold finish on this cake board is great for presenting all kinds of cakes, and serves as the perfect backdrop to a wide range of colors and styles. The lamination affords an extra layer of protection, preventing grease and oils from seeping into the cardboard and weakening it.


  • Circle (50 pack)
    • 5.9" diameter (15 cm)
    • 7.1" diameter (18 cm)
    • 7.9" diameter (20 cm)
    • 8.7" diameter (22 cm)
    • 9.8" diameter (25 cm)
    • 11" diameter (28 cm)
    • 11.8" diameter (30 cm)
  • Rectangular (25 pack)
    • 15" x 10"
  • Square (25 pack)
    • 10" x 10"
    • 8" x 8"

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