Plastic Salad Bowl Containers (150/Case)


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Clear Plastic Disposable Salad Containers for Lunch To-Go, Salads, Fruits, Airtight, Leak Proof, Fresh, Meal Prep

  • Leak Proof Ideal Packaging: For fresh salads, fruits, vegetables, poke bowl and baked goods. Great for meal prep.
  • No Cleaning Necessary: Just throw away once you're finished; there is no need to wash and carry back home.
  • Flower Shaped
  • Lid included

Volume (Options):

  • 18 Oz
    • 150 combo/case
  • 24 Oz
    • 150 combo/case
  • 32 Oz
    • 150 combo/case
  • 48 Oz
    • 150 combo/case

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