4 Products You May Not Know a Bulk Food Supplier Carries
In the U.S., coffee is the second most consumed beverage, falling only behind water. In fact, on average, 64% of people drink coffee every day. If you need a strong cup of joe to get you through the day, hit the beverage center at your local bulk food supplier. Not only will you find gourmet bean blends at wholesale prices, but you’ll also discover iced coffee mix, single-serve coffee pods, and pre-bottled coffee for when you’re on the go. In addition to robust caffeine options, you can also pick up condiments to make barista-style beverages at home:

Flavored syrups, such as Torani or DaVinci
Flavored creamers
Dairy-free alternatives like oat, soy, and almond milk
Refined and natural sugars
With so many coffee blends and flavoring possibilities, you can find what you need that meets your budget and delivers on taste!

Many home cooks have been experimenting with vegan and flexitarian diets. Plant-based proteins are heart-healthy and low in carbs, which makes them a great go-to for nutritious family dinners. Also, with meat prices fluctuating due to issues exacerbated by the pandemic, veggie-based meals can be a smart way to cut down on grocery costs. You’ll find innovative meat-free ingredients like plant-based ground “beef,” perfect for burgers, “meatballs,” and chili, dairy-free cheese that melts like the real thing, and pre-made vegan hotdogs and patties.

Bulk grocery stores also carry a wealth of industrial-strength cleaning supplies. From mops to disinfectants to all-purpose cleaners and more, you can purchase everything you need to make your home sparkle. You can even procure environmentally-friendly products and compostable garbage bags. Plus, with great prices, you will be able to save on all your cleaning product needs.

In addition to earth-friendly cleaning supplies, bulk food stores also stock eco-conscious packaging and to-go containers. By purchasing earth-friendly packaging at your grocery supply store, you can feel good about supporting sustainability efforts while taking advantage of low prices. Because these products are designed for use in restaurants, you can be assured that they will live up to the demands of your busy lifestyle.